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Emergency Number 112

Recent reports out in Bulgaria state that the staff of the emergency number 112 will receive the adequate medical training required to keep inline with the EU.

It claims that the older 150 emergency number had professional medically trained staff answering calls and were able to decide the seriousness of each case. However since the newer 112 number was introduced staff employed were not trained so highly and priority treatment has been given to less urgent calls, through lack of skills.

Standards of the service across the country appears to also, differ with higher trained staff in Sofia compared to other cities across Bulgaria.

The emergency number is available throughout Bulgaria, after threats with the European courts last year, but in order to prevent a European court case all efforts were made to bring the service up to standards of other EU countries.
The European emergency number 112 was introduced in 1991 to complement national emergency numbers and make emergency services more accessible in all EU Member States. Since 1998, EU rules require Member States to ensure that all fixed and mobile phone users can call 112 free of charge. Since 2003, telecoms operators must provide caller location information to emergency services.

In June 2008 the Commission launched a website (ec.europa.eu/112) dedicated to 112 providing information in all official EU languages to citizens who travel within the EU.

Other facts

112 can be called from fixed phones and pay phones.
112 also run along other emergency numbers.
112 can be called from mobiles, regardless of networks national roaming and international roaming.
112 calls should be answered within 20 seconds and English, French and German languages are spoken.
112 operators can detect where you are if you are unsure of your location.