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Bulgarian Census 2011

The Bulgarian Government is urging all people including expats who are reciding on a permanent basis in Bulgaria to participate in a national census which is currently taking place and is set to continue throughout the month of February 2011.


To date there are no reliable records of just how many expats from the various countries have taken residency whether it be long or short term in Bulgaria, and it is hoped that this new census will provide an accurate figure of this.

The government offers it`s full reassurance that the personal details of all participants will be completely safe and confidential stating that all information gathered will be held in the National Statistics Institute.

All residents,foreign or native to Bulgaria are asked to participate in the census if after January 31st 2011 they will be a legal short or long term resident in the country.
Tourists and business trip visitors will be classed as temporary visitors and therefore exempt from the census.

For those who do not respond to the census or provide innaccurate information,a fine could be issued of 120BGN.

The chance to register online will expire on February 9th,however the government states that from February 10th - 28th every home in Bulgaria will receive a visit by a government asigned official interviewer where the relevant forms can be completed.
The interviewe will require(from non Bulgarian Citizens) household documents ie.title deeds etc.will vist homes between the hours of 8am and 8pm

All districts within the country will have English speaking interviewers who can also speak French and Russian.The interviewer will vist homes between the hours of 8am and 8pm on any day including weekends.

More information can be obtained here