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E-Tickets For Speeding Motorists

As from 21 February an introduction of e-tickets (electronic ticket) for offending motorists caught speeding on camera will be issued by Bulgarian traffic police in an attempt to control speed on Bulgarian roads.

The new enforcement of fining motorists  is hoped to help reduce speed and improve safety on Bulgarian roads.As a deterrent  the speed cameras will be in operation at all times, there will be 15 speed static cameras placed on national roads and approximately 50 on stationary Police cars situated around the country.

Over the past few weeks a trial testing of this new system of sending out fines has been in operation in regions including Bourgas, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv.

Motorist caught speeding will receive the fine via registered post and the e-ticket will provide a photo of the vehicle and the fine amount,14 days will be given to pay or prove it was not you driving the offending vehicle.