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Increase In Bulgarian Tourism

Tour operators and Hotel owners have seen an improvement in numbers of tourists visiting the ski resorts of Bulgaria during this winter's season.

Figures out state that the main rise in the Bulgarian ski resorts were Russian holday makers with an increase of about 17% on previous statistics.

There have been an increased number of British bookings also made for this year before the winter ski season draws to an end in April.Proving that Bulgaria has an advantage over other European winter destinations with competitive costs for a skiing holiday.

Overall Plovdiv and Sofia have also seen an increase in flights for this years' winter season from Britain and Russia to back this information, plus added interest from visitors in neighbouring countries, keen to explore the benefits of Bulgaria and what's available on their doorstep.

This is positive news for the bulgarian tourist sector and proves it seems to have fared well in these hard hit economic times.This may have evolved from the money spent on advertising campaigns on T.V across Europe, promoting Bulgaria's diversity of tourism as the place to visit, from sea to ski, to its rural and cultural tourism.

The recent reports out on finding contenders for the develpment of some of Bulgaria's transport networks including the disused Ruse airport or possible Gorna Oryahovitza, plus railway stations and ferrys ports in Varna would obviously improve the tourism for the centre of the country.The Bulgarian Transport Ministry is in the process of looking for concessions in order to improve the infrastructure plans before 2015.


Constant problems with strikes and riots and the unreliability of transport networks in the neigbouring country of Greece may also have helped promote Bulgaria's tourism over the past few months too.

It is hoped that from the improvement during this winters season in Bulgaria, that the summer season on the Black sea coast will follow suit and have better results with a higher number of visitors than of previous years.