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Bulgarian's Cut Back

An overview of the current economic situation in Bulgaria reports that for many Bulgarians the increasing living costs with rising food, fuel and utility bills has caused many to attempt to survive by reducing important prescription medicine and reduce health care for preventative treatments.

Further more for those with children at school and universities have also been forced to reduce the level of after school tuition due to coping with the crisis in the country.

This is a concern for many young people, and how it will affect their future prospects for a chance of a career and good salary.

The Bulgarian Government has already come under scrutiny from its minimal funding distributed in the budget to the Education system Healthcare and Transport.

In particular healthcare in hospitals had caused many concerns as being already considerably under funded. This year many Bulgarians themselves have complained of the unreasonable distribution of money, that concluded with lack of life saving equipment, poor facililities, shortage of drugs and medication and lack of staff.