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Free Sightseeing Tour Of Sofia

A free sightseeing, walking tour of the city of Sofia in Bulgaria is now available twice a day everyday. Organised by a non profit group of young local people known as 'Free Sofia Tour', who are enthusiastic and keen to share their city with tourists and provide information about the historic attractions on route.


The free tour is available everyday, (regardless of weather conditions) at 11am and 6pm from the 28th March 2011. There is no need to make reservations, (unless large group) just meet at the corner of the Palace of Justice (Sudebna Palata) at specified times. There you will be met by members of the group who can speak several languages and are keen to meet new people from around the world and give visitors to Bulgaria the chance to see the capital city's main cultural and historic attractions. The tour takes about 2 hours and visits numerous tourist sites located in the central part of the city including -

Sveta Nedelya Church, Banya Bashi Mosque, Sofia Synagogue, Central Mineral Baths, Ancient Serdika Open Museum, Archeological Museum, Rotunda of St. George, National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Prince Alexander of Battenberg Square, the Russian Church, Hagya Sophia Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Library and Sofia University.

The trip ends at the National Parliament (Narodno Subranie). For more information contact