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The Future Of Small Post Offices In Bulgaria

The future of Bulgarian villages is yet again in a dilemma. The state owned Bulgarian Posts EAD has reported that by 2016, it plans to gradually close post offices in towns and villages with a population of less than 800 residents. This will mean 30% of its branches across Bulgaria will be closed.

This news poses problems for thousands of people across Bulgaria, as most of the villages are made up of pensioners and the village post office is where pension funds are distributed and utility bills are paid. For many it is their only link with the world outside.

Already many elderly Bulgarians struggle to survive on the low pensions with the ever increasing costs. So with the closure of the post office it will be another added expense for many to travel to larger branches in nearby towns and cities. There are also many who are just not able to travel.

There are talks of future plans to introduce a 'mobile postal unit' that will visit periodically to provide services that may be of some help to those villages that lose the post office completely.