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Bulgaria's Chance To Cash In

The troubles in the Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa may prove to be a blessing in disguise to the summer holiday scene in Bulgaria.

The reason is that the likes of Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco are hugely popular tourist destinations for Europeans. For many tourists, the mere suggestion of a holiday in North Africa is now a total ‘no no.' By default that means that other destinations will benefit.

Turkey is the obvious suggested beneficiary but Turkey is already largely booked out and is already in vogue for many, it therefore does not need North African overspill.

Greece might be one to benefit as it has seen massive reductions in visitor numbers (for various reasons) over the past couple of years and has ample spare capacity, although over priced or over valued accommodations and tourist infrastructure needs to be addressed by the Greeks. Spain is also a likely beneficiary but so too can Bulgaria benefit.

The Bulgarian tourist product is priced in the same bracket as North Africa and is suited to a similar tourist stock. Granted the weather is not as predictable and neither is the season as extensive. Equally the quality of service (or rather the lack of it) is a re-occurring point of discussion along the Black Sea. However the fact remains that through adversity, the forthcoming summer season offers a great chance for Bulgaria to boost back its figures; to fill the massive excess of accommodation and above all else, to showcase itself to a wider audience that might otherwise have been elusive. The question is ‘will it seize the opportunity or will it miss out?'


Mark Thomas

Managing Director

HRG Bulgaria