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Bulgarian Property Market-Russians Still Lead The Way

There seems to be no let up in the Russian trend of buying property in Bulgaria. 2010 showed a huge downward spiral of British investors in Bulgaria who over previous years had proven to be the country’s most prolific buyers.

A recent report states that since 2007 almost 200,000 Russian citizens took advantage of the highly affordable property market which for so long Bulgaria has led the way with.  This has kept many Bulgarian Real Estate companies afloat, mainly due to the similarities in the languages and the long term healthy relations that the two nations have shared for so many years.

It has however, not been the case for many non-Bulgarian companies who have received less interest from prospective investors.

2011 has so far shown no real signs of improvement on last year with some regions showing further price depreciation. The capitol Sofia has however shown stability compared to other parts of the country.

What You Get For Your Money
A small house in need of complete renovation in rural Bulgaria can be purchased for as low as 3000 EUR.
The same sized house in rural Bulgaria but completely renovated can be found for as little as 25,000 EUR

This is a very rough guide and is by no means complete.  It has to be taken into consideration aspects such as area, the nearer the property to tourist areas  the more you would expect to pay, i.e.  The Black Sea Coast, The Ski Resorts etc.Properties within city boundaries also tend to be more expensive than that of rural areas.

The forecast is that this current property crisis will not last and for anybody who may be considering purchasing property or land in Bulgaria, BUY NOW  and don`t lose out.
This is just a trend and as with any other, it will change!