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Bulgaria's Nuclear Fuel

As we all know, there has been much in the media over recent weeks regarding the tragedy that Japan is having to deal with right now.

The increasing threat to both Japan and other parts of the world from its damaged nuclear reactors is causing great concern.There have been recent rumours stating that Bulgaria has measured a higher than normal level of radiation within the country. This has since been played down by the government after a statement was released saying that levels are as normal, and to reassure the people of Bulgaria that there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Bulgaria currently has 2 live reactors generating approx 35% of the electricity for the country from nuclear fuel. There has however, been talks of restarting 2 other reactors which were closed down IN 2006 due to a condition laid down by the European Union in order for Bulgaria to comply for entry into the E.U.

Bulgaria currently has one nuclear power plant which is situated in the River Danube town of Kozloduy . It first started operating in 1974 with the first reactor, Unit 1. Another 5 reactors were built through the years up until 1991 when reactor 6 was commissioned. Reactor units 5 and 6 are now the only remaining nuclear reactors still in production in Bulgaria.Prior to the closure of the other 4 units, Bulgaria was a major energy supplier to Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

New Construction - Belene Site

It is thought that a new site, situated outside of the town of Belene, also close to the River Danube will have 4 nuclear reactors which will in effect; replace the now redundant 4 units of the Kozloduy Power Plant. Construction of the Belene site started in 1980 and has been the topic of much speculation ever since as to whether or not the site will ever be completed to the point of producing energy. At this time due to the possibility of receiving contributions that could amount to in excess of 450,000,000EUR, the new project company, Belene Power Company could restart production of the site as early as this year, 2011.

It is hoped that the new plant will provide cheaper electricity to the homes of Bulgaria.