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Fixed Taxi Rates In Bulgaria


Good news for tourists reliant on taxis when visiting Bulgaria. To help in the prevention of overcharging especially within popular tourist areas, Varna has followed the capital city of Sofia and set a capped maximum rate for day and night fares per kilometre.

The changes to the Auto Transport Act have been a long time coming, but were finalised in March. The first city in Bulgaria was Plovdiv to set a maximum rate.

Cities within municipalities of Bulgaria have been forced to set capped charges for taxi fares to prevent foreigners from being overcharged. The Varna city council has stated that the maximum cost per kilometre during daytime is 1.5 leva, and night fares from 10 pm - 6 am is 2 leva.

This new price is to prevent rogue taxi drivers charging highly inflated prices within tourist areas of the country.