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Summer 2011 Musical Events In Sofia

An array of summer concerts is to be held in Bulgaria's capital city of Sofia this summer with many top name acts in the line-up.

It seems that each year shows an increase in internationally known celebrities visiting Bulgaria to perform, proving that the country is getting the recognition that it deserves to host such events.

Some of the concerts to look forward to are;

Joe Cocker
Saturday 28th May
Zala Festivalna.

Sunday 29th may
National Palace of culture

Tuesday 7th June
Georgi Asparuhov Stadium

Parkway Drive
Thursday 7th July
The Box

Judas Priest
Friday 8th July
Akademik Stadium

Whitesnake and Judas Priest
National Hippodrome Bankya
Friday 8th July

The Sonisphere Festival 2011
The Sonisphere Festival tours all over Europe between the months of June to August. It started in 2009 and was again held in 2010. The music is predominately made up of heavy metal and this year, being the 3rd festival will follow the same path.
The tour will visit Bulgaria on Tuesday June 21st and bands set to perform will include Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica, and Mastodon.

The Bulgarian leg of the festival will take place in Sofia's National Hippodrome Bankya.

Image courtesy of Kallerna.