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Bulgaria and Schengen

Hopes are high for Bulgaria to join the Schengen visa-free travel zone, as it was reported recently that the E.C are now satisfied

that Bulgaria has made the significant changes in order to comply with the requirements laid out by the European Commission.


Previous attempts to join the Schengen agreement have left doubts in the minds of some other E.C member states mainly Germany and France as to the security of Bulgaria's borders with other countries, in particular Turkey.

It is said that Bulgaria has made a huge effort to amend this and now meets all the technical requirements.The Schengen agreement was created on 14th June 1985 near the Luxembourg town of Schengen. It`s primary intension was to implement borderless areas of Europe and therefore the freedom to travel between E.U states without the need for passports.

Both Bulgaria and Romania are hoping to be the new members to the treaty and it is thought that this could take place as early as 2012.