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A Dwindling Population In Bulgaria

Bulgaria has witnessed over the last decade a significant population reduction. Figures have revealed that  the country has almost 600,000 less Bulgarian citizens now than that of 10 years ago. This ever decreasing population is moving at an alarming rate for a country that has less than 7.5 million residents.

An example of the population loss can be described as the equivalent to losing the residents of 28 average sized towns in Bulgaria.

This, it seems has had a knock on effect on the ailing property market in Bulgaria with ongoing price reductions and very few investors, especially from the United Kingdom.

This has left real estate businesses all over the country aiming their sales towards the Russian investors. Estate agents are reluctant to speculate on when they expect the property market recession to lift , but until it does, Bulgaria will no doubt remain the cheapest country in the E.U to purchase property.