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New Highways In Bulgaria

This week has seen the celebration of the first completed 19 kms of highway in Bulgaria. The Lyulin highway  links Sofia the capital city, to the E-79 road to Greece by passing the Lyulin Mountain.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boris Borisov officially opened the new development at a ceremony earlier this week. It is hoped to lighten traffic that has severely congested roads that pass through knyazhevo and Vladya south of Sofia.

There are also other projects underway, and are believed to be on schedule to improve Bulgarian's road system infrastructure. The Trakiya highway will provide a faster link from Sofia to Burgas on the Black Sea coast which is planned to be completed by 2012, followed by 2013 the Maritsa highway which will join the Trakiya highway to the Turkish border near Svilingrad.
It is thought Bulgaria needs around 7 highways, to improve the road links between cities and neighbouring countries. Many feel it is a top priority and shows a gradual improvement to the poor infrastructure that already exists in Bulgaria.