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Bulgaria - Attracts Russian Tourists


The number of Russians applying for visas to visit Bulgaria during the summer has significantly grown this year.

It has been helped by Bulgaria providing more staff points to process visa documents. Additional staff was recruited in centres across Russia to cope with the daily issuing of visas, and they are expected to be at their busiest through the summer season. It is estimated that several thousand will be issued before the end of the summer.
Another factor to encourage Russian visitors is the extra flights that have been granted permission to land at Varna airport during the summer.

The Russians have been the biggest investors in the Bulgarian property market so far, in particular the black sea region. So this has no doubt increased the number of visitors to Bulgaria and also a possibility of attracting even more investors too.

Overall Bulgaria is expecting an increase in tourists this summer in comparison to last years figures. Statistics show that the main visitors to Bulgaria for holidays are Russians, Germans and fellow Eastern Europeans.