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Gabrovo Carnival

Throughout the year, there are many celebrations and festivals held in each town in Bulgaria.

Some of these celebrations for each of the towns are bigger and more well-known than others.

This week is a big celebration for anyone living in the Gabrovo area because it is the Gabrovo carnival.

The Gabrovo carnival is held on a Saturday  in the middle of May, there is usually many concerts and entertainment held each evening in the week leading up to day of the carnival and it is a time when all of Gabrovo come together. Not only do people local to Gabrovo gather for the celebrations, many people travel from other areas too!

Today 21 May 2011, is the day of the carnival and the last day of the celebrations, there is entertainment and amusements held all through the day. It is a very good atmosphere and there is a lot to see and do. In the centre of Gaborovo, in the municipality, there is a beer tent and a stage where various Bulgarian artists will perform later on in the day. Many schools, clubs and associations take part in the parade infront of the spectators of Gabrovo, either on a float or on foot.

The day of the carnival is quite a long day and can be very tiring if you are not sure what to expect. This is the schedule of what you can expect throughout the day:

8.00am - A prayer for the welfare of the Gabrovo shrine of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
8.45am - Raising the flag of the town square "revival"
9.00am - Ceremonial session of the Municipal Council Ritual Hall of Gabrovo
10.00am - National Children's Festival "Smehorancheta" House of Culture "Emmanuel Manolov"
10.30am - National carnival-show and beauty contest of live cats, Sports Hall Orlovetz
10.30am - Festive flurry. Museum House of Humour and Satire
11.00am - Opening of the XX International Biennial of Humor and Satire in the Arts and awarding the winners. Museum House of Humour and Satire
14.00 - "Humor as an intermediary in communication - an open discu
ssion with the Regional Centers Community Centers and community centers. Museum House of Humour and Satire
14.00 - Childrens mini Karnival. Outside of the Mall Gabrovo.
14.00 - Parade of brass bands. On Radetska street.
18.00 - The parade begins
20.00 - Special concert in the Municipality
21-24.00 - Night at the Museum
Regional Historical Museum, the Museum House of Humour and Satire

This is a really good day out, as long as the weather is good! On this day, Gabrovo just doesn't seem the same, as there is so many people and the usually quiet town is hardly recognisable!