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New Mall In Sofia 2012

Bulgaria,s capital city of Sofia is to see it's largest shopping mall to open by the end of 2012.

The Russian owned company Comfort who constructed the Grand Mall in Varna, has invested some 100 million Euros into the project, and will be the most exclusive to date in Bulgaria.

The latest is set to be located in the upmarket neighbourhoods,close to the junction of the Cherni Vrah Boulivard, the Srebarna st and Todor Kableshkov Boulivard.It will include an area of 80 000 m2 in commercial space and 25 000m2 of entertainment and leisure facilities.

New brands to Bulgaria will also be introduced, as well as an area of natural greenery,fountains and an ice rink which is classed as a Lifestyle Mall merging shopping and recreation together.It will be linked to the underground of the final station of the second line of the Sofia Metro which is due for completion by 2012.