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Bulgaria Celebrates Annual Rose Harvest

The town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria saw its annual celebrations today for the start of its famous rose harvest with people from all over the world visiting for the rose picking.

The day began with its traditional parade and carnival and was attended by official guests from all over the world.Included in the annual event was the introduction of the new Rose Wine.

Bulgaria is famous for its production of the famous Damascena rose that is cultivated in the southern region of the country.

This rose is famous for producing rose oil,which is actually three times the expence of gold.Over 2,000 people will work during the harvest time which will only last between the following 20 - 25 days,and the petals will be gently picked by hand.An example of why it is so expensive is that more than 1,300 rose blossoms will be required to produce one gram of rose oil.

The rose oil is one of the main ingredients that can be found in perfume,jams, chocolates and liqueurs.For more information about this famous Bulgarian region and its famous rose valley click here and read our indepth article.