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Canine Tapeworm In Humans On The Increase

A recent report by the Bulgarian Veterinary Union (BVS) states that Bulgaria has a serious tapeworm epidemic derived from infected dogs.

Figures reveal that Bulgaria has the highest number of people in Europe and the second highest in the world to be infected by this Canine strain parasite. Dr Faith Grishima of the BVS says that there should now be a program in place for the prevention of contracting tapeworm from dogs to humans and animals and this should be included into the Prophylaxis program laid out by the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (BAPH).

Both Dr Grishima and Ombudsman Konstantin Pentchev are striving to employ a force of Veterinary Police who will have similar skills as veterinarians, and the power of police to help prevent the spread of the epidemic by controlling the increasing population of infected dogs and to set up a vaccination program against it.

Canine tapeworms in an infected dog are present in the faeces and can be passed on to a human if in contact, for instance if the person does not wash their hands after stroking the animal.
Veterinarians and Ombudsmen have teamed up to visit schools in Bulgaria to discuss the care of pets in the home ,in an attempt to show how to appreciate the joys of owning a dog but to educate the children on the care and responsibility that comes with it. It is hoped that dog owners will pay special attention to have their beloved pets vaccinated against the disease.

Over the last 10 years, 5000 Bulgarian people have been infected with Canine Tapeworm and the situation so far is not improving, and is causing a financial strain on the health system with treatment costing 10000 Leva.