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E.U. Funds For Bulgaria's Hospitals

Recent reports have stated that there is to be approximately 300 Million Euros from European funds, being spent by the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria's health system over the next 2 years.

There is expected to be an initial sum of 65 million euros granted to seven hospitals in Bulgarian that will be mainly purchasing new equipment, and a further 148 million Euros in repairs to other hospitals throughout the country.

Other issues in the Bulgarian health system are to spend money on improving cancer drugs and medication that have been missing from the lack of funds in the health care during the past.

The government are imposing strict spending conditions and price limits for all hospitals to comply with in a bid to reduce corruption in hospitals in Bulgaria.

This week had also seen the launch of National Donor Awareness week that will be held until 12 June 2011. The aim of this week was to distribute information to help answer questions and make donor transplant clearer to Bulgarians. Throughout Bulgaria there are hundreds of people waiting for various transplants and insufficient donors. This week is hoped to help change attitude and make Bulgarian's aware of the benefits of helping others from organ donation.