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Unsafe Historic Buildings - Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgaria's old capital city of Veliko Tarnovo is having problems dealing with an ever increasing number of unsafe historic buildings, throughout the city.

It is feared by many that there is a threat of some of them collapsing and harming pedestrians and tourists that fill the busy streets of the city.

Reports out state that the problem arises each year when an order is placed for relevant properties to be demolished. Some of the historic and cultural buildings come under listed sites, and although many are being demolished the law can not do some without the consent of the owner.

For many private owners, properties have deteriorated as they do not have sufficient funds to repair the buildings, where as money is provided for municipality historical sites.

Other countries such as France have a percentage of finance from the government to restore old historical property, but in Bulgaria there is none. Also they have a law that allows the Mayor to make the final decision for a property to be demolished if it is a potential threat, even without consent. Bulgaria is however considering placing fines for listed sites that are not kept in good condition.