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Qatar Airways New Sofia Route


Qatar Airways, one of only seven airlines in the world to hold a 5 star rating, will commence its new route between  Sofia and its headquarter base in the Qatar city of Doha.

Starting from September 14 2011 the Airbus 320s will fly 4 times per week; the flights will operate via the Romanian capital city Bucharest.

Flights between Budapest, Hungary’s capital  and Qatar began operating in January 2011,with a second route also between Romania’s capital, Bucharest commencing shortly after.

Recruiting officials from the airline visited Sofia in March of this year to interview for cabin crew. Qatar Airways have long been respected as an excellent employer who values their loyal work force. Recruitment open days always see a large turnout of hopeful recruits who if successful will soon reap the many benefits of what the company offers, including a tax free salary amounting to $1579.

The young company has in recent times gone from strength to strength, and has this week triumphed yet again by winning the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2011,said to be the most prestigious and respected award in the airline industry.