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Bulgaria's Black Sea - Draws In The Tourists

Bulgaria's black sea coast hotels have seen a rise in bookings for the summer 2011 season.


Although there has been a significant decline in British holiday makers this year, it hasn't stopped tourists from other countries visiting Bulgaria.

These include a record number of Russian tourists and an increase in Germans for this summer, all taking advantage of the cheaper prices that Bulgaria has to offer for a holiday compared to other European destinations.

Bulgaria has also seen a growth in visitors from the Neighbouring country of Romania, where for many it is only a drive away and offers a longer summer season. Bulgaria in addition has a better developed coastline, offering an exceptional value holiday package compared to that of Romania. Many Romanian tourists take advantage of the early booking offers that the Bulgarian resorts advertise to ensure a competitive holiday deal. Figures released from summer 2010, reported that over 1 million Romanians' visited Bulgaria, and it is thought that the figure will be higher for this season.

Previously having being regular visitors during the communist times, the Black sea resorts have shown a significant rise in tourists from Poland and Hungary visiting the country again.

Consequently experts forecast that this year will see the return of Bulgaria as a holiday choice, and will therefore have an improvement on figures of tourists visiting the country.