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New Airport Plans In Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government has voted in agreement to convert a disused former military airport on the Black Sea Coast into a civilian airport.

The airport which is situated just outside of the tourist town of Balchik will provide flight services for many of the northern Black Sea resorts such as Albena,Golden Sands and of course Balchik.

It is hoped that the flights to Balchik will reduce summer season traffic in the Black Sea capital city of Varna where most flights to the northern resorts are currently received. Passengers who arrive in Varna en-route to the coast, all have to pass through Varna as there is currently no bypass in operation. The Black Sea Coast currently has 2 airports, Varna servicing the north and Burgas in the south.

There have also been recent discussions within the cabinet regarding the possible conversion of 2 other disused military airports, Straklevo near Ruse and Gorna Oryahovitsa near to the former capital city of Veliko Turnovo.