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Temperatures Rise In Bulgaria

Many of Bulgaria's regions have seen summer temperatures soar over the past few days. The highest temperatures were felt in the areas of Vidin and Blagoevgrad with reports of

thermometers reaching 39 degrees Celsius. Most parts of the country have also experienced the heat wave with temperatures reaching between 34 - 37 degrees Celsius. The Black sea resorts saw a slight dip in temperature at 31 degrees Celsius.

Weather warnings were issued throughout the country to inform people of the dangers of the intense heat by taking precautions. These include staying out of the midday sun from 12 - 4 pm or ensuring you are in shaded areas. Both adults and children are advised to drink plenty of fluids and wear loose fitting comfortable clothes. Ensure children are well protected by wearing a high factor sunscreen, hats and sunglasses and given plenty of drinks and frequent light snacks. They should also be kept out of the direct sunshine.

Many people throughout the country have already received medical care from health problems due to the soaring temperatures that have swept the country.