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Bulgaria Celebrates The Discovery Of Yogurt

This week has seen the Feast of Yogurt celebrated in a small town called Tran in the Pernik province of Bulgaria. It was held for

the inventor Dr. Stamen Grigorov - a Bulgarian physician and microbiologist who originates from the area, and for his discovery of the bacterium "basilicas bulgaricus" in yogurt in 1905.

The event was organized by the Foundation in his memory. The town celebrates with a folklore program, and an exhibition of modern and traditional exhibitions and culmination of the yogurt. Also a competition was held for the best homemade yogurt and was held in four categories: cow, goat, sheep and mixed and is judged by microbiologists.

Bulgarian yogurt is very popular among Bulgarian's and plays a big part in their daily diet. It has, since its invention, been credited with numerous health benefits and properties. It is the healthiest of all dairy products available, and is believed to be the reason for the longevity of Bulgarians. There are more people aged over 100 years than any other country.