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Freak Weather Leaves Many Without Electric In Bulgaria

Over 23000 people have been left without electricity due to recent storms in North West

Bulgaria yesterday according to energy distributor CEZ. Many residents of the storm stricken regions of Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo and Vratsa describe the storm as a significant tornado like experience.

The high winds have brought down several trees which in turn have fallen on electricity pylons, destroying high voltage cables. CEZ have been working intensely throughout the night to ensure the safety of residents and drivers after finding roads had been affected by fallen trees. It is hoped that power will be restored to the majority of homes between now and the following 48 hours.

The National Institute of Meteorology declared yesterday as a code orange in the regions hit by the storms.

Some regions of Bulgaria have been reported as having record temperatures with the city of Ruse reaching a high of 39.1 Celsius.

The storm has brought with it some cooler temperatures but forecasters predict that warmer weather will return over the weekend and gradually creep up to 30 degrees plus, early in the coming week.