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Shop Till You Drop For All Your British Products

One of the main topics of interest that British expats tend to discuss frequently, are what they miss most of all about the U.K. Many will say

that family members are number 1 on the list, a recent survey however, showed that British foods and various other products from ‘home' are just behind.

Several of the supermarkets which are emerging all over Bulgaria now have at least a few items which we were so used to seeing on the shelves of Asda and Tesco's etc.

Many of us may or may not be aware of some of the British food outlets in Bulgaria at the moment, but there is one such shop which stocks just about everything you could possibly think of .

The British Lion Food store has been operating since 2007 and is the longest established outlet of its kind in Bulgaria. Based in the Black Sea town of Balchik the store has grown and grown in popularity due to its massive stock list and the fact that the store offers an online mail order service which serves both Bulgaria and Romania nationwide.

Over 300 new lines have been introduced recently, and due to the ever increasing demand, the proprietor, Mr George St Clare has now opened a second store in Balchik.

The rising interest amongst Russians buying property in Bulgaria has also had an effect on the demand for foreign foods. This however has not detoured Mr St Clare, and he has now began importing several lines of stock directly from Russia.

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