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Holiday On A Budget

Tourism in Bulgaria this summer has not only been thriving in resorts along the Black Sea coast, but there has also been an increase among

foreigners taking advantage of the inland mountainous areas. This year has seen a rise in foreigners choosing to rent one of the many available holiday homes throughout the rural regions with groups of friends to enjoy.

The trend in holidaymakers sharing the cost and renting one of many guest houses available within the country has become popular with those who have a limited holiday budget. So as an alternative to the expense of the hotels and nightclubs of the busier seaside resorts, large groups of holidaymakers equipped with plentiful supplies of refreshments are choosing to enjoy the party life in rural regions. While this has not been without problems as some of the owners have had damage to their property from several groups of foreign tourists. Although because of the crisis in the country many owners have opted to take the risk for economical reasons, instead of waiting for quieter families to rent the accommodation.