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Bulgarian Online Census And The Brits In Bulgaria

The National Statistical Institute has recently published the main results from the

Population census conducted in 2011 in the country. According to the database provided, the population of Bulgaria is 7 364 570. The decrease is mainly because of the negative natural increase, as well as to the international migration.

Due to the fact that this year, the government decided to give a chance to the online census, the results were prepared and disseminated much quicker in comparison with the previous census which took 2 years to publish the main results. As you may think, the city with the largest population is the capital Sofia, followed by Plovdiv and Varna.

Most importantly, we now have an official record of the British people permanently living in Bulgaria. The statistics show that as of 1st February 2011, there are 36 723 foreign citizens living in Bulgarian. The more important figure is that 8444 citizens of the European Union have chosen to live in the country. From this number, 2605 are the British citizens who are officially permanently residing and have obtained a type of legal residency - either long-term or permanent residency. Of course, these are the official figures of the people who have decided to take part in the census.

We can only hope that there will be more foreign citizens who will choose to move to Bulgaria for good, and the country will be able to provide them with the necessary benefits.

Article written by Bulgaria Legal