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Emergency 112


Bulgaria has now completed their transfer of all emergency service calls to comply with demands set out by the European Union. All of the 27 member states of the E.U will have only one number common to all.

112 can be dialled from within any E.U member state in the event of an emergency and calls will be directed appropriately to the relevant service, i.e. ambulance, police or fire service. Some countries will still run their national emergency number alongside 112 such as 999 for the U.K etc.

Calls to 112 will be completely free of charge from both mobile and fixed line phones. When calling for assistance you will be connected to an operator who will be speaking in the language related to the country which you are in however, all call centres will have multilingual staff who you can speak to.

112's Telecom advisers are urging travellers using mobile phones with roaming, to always use a network local to the country which they are in at the time. This is due to problems arising from callers to 112 being close to a border with another E.U state. It has been reported on several occasions that the emergency call has actually been picked up by a call centre in the neighbouring country.

The European Union wants everybody to be aware of 112, and it is hoped that in due course it will save lives in cases where in the past emergency services have been too late to respond because of the lack of awareness of travellers to the necessary information.