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National School of Education - Your Child's Future

A Bulgarian Education - Secondary and Higher Education

Secondary education

Secondary level education begins at eighth grade, however depending on the type of school it can start at grade seven. There are two main types of secondary schools - secondary comprehensive (high school) and secondary vocational (technical school). Secondary education will take children to the twelfth grade and attendance is through to age 16. Because of Bulgaria's low birth rate, total primary and secondary school enrolment has given rise to low class sizes generally of 15 to 20 pupils.
Children awarded consistent grades of five or six will usually leave their school at the end of the seventh grade to attend a specialised school in a nearby town. For many Bulgarian children this means that they have to rent a room with a family in the town where they live and study during the week. The school day is longer for these children starting at 7.30 am and ending at 2.00 pm for the morning shift. Summer holidays are also shorter generally lasting two and a half months. In this time the students usually seek employment.
Specialist schools allow students to focus on areas of strength like foreign languages or sports, but not at the expense of dropping all other subjects. In fact, Bulgarian students will cover all aspects of the curriculum until they graduate at age 16 or 18.

Higher education

The types of higher education institutions are Universities, Colleges and Specialised Higher Schools. Universities, as in most countries worldwide, have three stages: Bachelor, Master and Doctor's degrees. The Bachelor stage lasts for at least four years, the Master stage lasts for five years after completion of secondary education or one year after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree. The third stage of higher education results in obtaining a Doctors' Degree.
It is possible for your child to attend a foreign University in another country on the strength of their Bulgarian leaving certificate and more and more Bulgarians are opting for studies in the USA and Europe.Contacting your childs school or any authority of Bulgarias National School of Education