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Health Insured?

Every person who lives and works in Bulgaria has to pay monthly health insurance contributions. According to

Bulgarian legislation, the sanction for non-payment of 3 months is an interruption of the health-insurance rights. To recover their rights, a person has to pay all arrears of the contributions in which they have missed.

But the current system will soon be changed - an amendment provides the non-payment of even one health insurance contribution to lead to the above sanction, and a fine will in many cases be incurred.

A summons from BGN 100 up to BGN 1000 would be payable for everyone who hasn't paid even one health insurance contribution. This information was provided by Dessislava Atanassova - the head of the health committee in Parliament. In her words the law will be prepared in the middle of November, when the bill is going to be submitted to the Parliament's filing department.

At the moment, people who have interrupted health insurance contributions, have to cover insurance payment for the previous 36 months.

However, with the corrections, a fine has to be paid „not only to cover the health insurance contribution to the system, but also a sanction would be imposed', Atanassova states.

According to the amendments, the penalties will be much higher for those, who have no health insurance, but have been hospitalized at least two times. The fine for such people could be from BGN 500 to BGN 1500.

Recent data shows that around 1.9 million people in Bulgaria are without health insurance.

Article written by Elena Mihaylova of HOME POINT BG