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New Changes for Communication Operators

The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria voted on the 20th of December to press for changes in the law of contracts relating to electronic communication companies in the country.

Recent years have shown much confusion and anger for both clients and providers of telephone and internet agreements and the vote this week was an attempt to put things into perspective for both consumer and provider.

The proposed changes were;

1.    A mobile phone provider who is asked to transfer a telephone number for a client from one network to another could be fined from 5000 to 60000BGN for the delay of such a request.

2.    Any client of mobile operators will not be charged a penalty upon termination of a contract.

3.    Clients will have the right to cancel their long-term contract with just 1 month notice.

4.    A client who has taken out a new contract will have the right to cancel within 7 days of the agreement date.

5.    It will be the responsibility of the provider to inform the consumer when he/she has reached 90% of their monthly usage allowance.

6.    The sending of games invitations by SMS to clients from operators will be forbidden.

We will update this article as and when we receive the results from the NARB.