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Bargain Property Sales

Quest Bulgaria would like to introduce the NEW ‘Bargain Property Sales' category to our property section. It provides the option to browse our very own properties for sale and view what great offers are available to buy in Bulgaria at the moment.


Bargain Property Sales

As Bulgaria's property market steadily regains interest from buyers, Quest Bulgaria wishes to give our visitors the opportunity to search for bargain investments available to purchase in Bulgaria. Within our new section we will give you a wide variety of bargain deals to choose from. We will be offering all types of investments and updating daily all of Bulgaria's hottest offers.

Property news

With recent figures reported that the Bulgarian property market for the previous 12 months made an increase of 22 % on concluded deals compared to the previous year, interest in the country is again growing. Sales were the highest in agricultural land and apartments on the Black sea coast. Rural and inland properties were also showing slight interest mainly due to the reasonable prices. There have been lower sales in cities including Sofia and Varna, even though apartment prices have dropped significantly during the past few years.

So can you afford to miss this great chance of a bargain?

With this positive forecast for the property real estate in Bulgaria click today to view our latest hot offers and see what great bargains exist.