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Best Online Translator

Best Online Translator offer high quality translations, interpreting services, proofreading, English lessons, Bulgarian lessons and crash course language learning packages.

We aim to provide all of our clients with high quality services at an affordable price. All of our team are professional linguists with the qualifications to prove it! So think of Best Online Translator for all of your language needs!

Why Choose Best Online Translator?

Best Online Translator believes in keeping our clients happy, which is why we offer all of our services at a cost to suit everybody. We have recently extended our company by providing additional services, as well as our translating, proofreading, editing and interpreting services. English and Bulgarian lessons were then added to our list of services that we provide to our customers. However, more recently we have created a new "Crash Course for Beginners" for those who want to learn Bulgarian quickly and effectively as a second language.

Translations and Interpretation

The main language pairs that we deal with are Bulgarian-English and English-Bulgarian. However, if you are in need of a translator for a different language pair, then we can also steer you in the right direction and can help you to find a reputable translator.
We offer three delivery options for our translation clients. The clients may choose whether they would like "Express", "Second Class", or "Standard" delivery time on their project. This means that they can choose to pay extra if they wish to have their translation returned to them within 24 hours, 1-3 days or 4-10 days. (Different terms apply for book translations).

Clients can also make use of our interpreting services if they wish so. Please contact us for more details.

Proofreading and Editing

Best Online Translator also deals with proofreading and editorial projects. Just like with our translations, we offer our clients the choice of "Express", "Second Class", or "Standard" delivery time on their work. We will proofread and edit texts in either English or Bulgarian.

Language Lessons

If you would like to learn English or Bulgarian as a second language, then why not choose Best Online Translator? We offer language lessons and packages to suit all of our customers and at a time that is convenient for you. All of our language courses make use of speaking, listening, reading and writing practice to guarantee that your students benefit as much as they can from our lessons.

NEW - Crash Course Bulgarian

Crash Course Bulgarian was a learning package set up especially for those who have busy lives but are required to learn conversation Bulgarian for their work, life, schooling or whatever. The Crash Course is a four week course that can be completed 100% online and will take you from beginner level to having a good understanding of conversational Bulgarian by the time you finish the course. The difference with Crash Course Bulgarian is that you dive straight in to the useful stuff in the very beginning, instead of focusing solidly on grammar drills. The Crash Course covers the following topics:

The Bulgarian Alphabet
Meeting and Greeting
In the Classroom
At the shop
Giving Directions

However, if you feel that any of the topics are not suitable for your age group/lifestyle/etc. you may choose to swap a module if you wish to do so. We do strongly recommend that our students follow this course, as it is most beneficial to those who are new to the language.
After completing the course, you may also wish to purchase ‘add-on' modules to continue learning Bulgarian through this learning approach.

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