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Bulgaria Enforces Smoking Ban

The long awaited smoking ban in public places has finally come into place today 1 June 2012 in Bulgaria.

The ban means that no smoking is allowed in any public enclosed environments including work places, restaurants, bars, all public transport, hotels, sports and theatres, cinemas, outdoor public venues and schools.

The full ban was to have been first introduced in 2010, but the government postponed the law because of a dispute regarding concerns to how it would affect tourism in the country.

Bulgaria has the second highest amount of smokers in Europe after Greece, although more than 50 % of the population are in favour of the full ban. So from today there will be many people outdoors enjoying a cigarette at break time.

Health inspectors have been employed to start their new job today of inspecting public places, and fines will be issued to businesses not cooperating with the new law. Although at present it is believed there are insufficient inspectors to cover the amount of establishments in the country to enforce the smoking ban.