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Bulgarian Students Last in Europe to Begin Work

According to the Bulgarian President, youths of Bulgaria come last to enter the employment market;

most starting work at the age of 22 in comparison to their European neighbours who begin work at 20.

The country's head of state said despite it being shocking, it was common to hear stories about 25-year-olds leaving university to find that they lacked the qualities needed in the actual working economy.

While there is no one in particular to blame for this dilemma, it has been suggested that schools and universities could partly be at fault for discouraging creativity, self-expression and team work at the expense of practical skills. The universities could also be at fault for not offering internship programmes to students who obviously require experience in job skills.

Unfortunately for Bulgarian students, this crisis is likely to continue seeing as the state merely highlights the issues and does nothing to develop the employment market in Bulgaria.
What options do they have? Unless some kind of Bulgarian Facebook is invented to get them out of the situation, it looks convincing that there is no solution.