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Children's Day in Bulgaria

June 1 2013 is Bulgaria's day to celebrate the well being and protection of children. Children throughout Bulgaria will be enjoying plenty of attention with organised fun and activities today for the celebration of International Children's Day.

 The event was first introduced in 1925 in Geneva at a world conference to ensure the well being of children throughout the world. It is celebrated on different dates worldwide.

Family values in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country where children and family values play a leading role in the social structure,which is still good to see.

Many people, particularly in the towns and villages, live with or close to their extended family with Grandma watching the children and father and son working side by side. Children in Bulgaria today are fully aware that there may be bad people around but continue to walk home from school and roam free in the villages.

Respect and discipline are taught at an early age in home. People still live with their extended family under one roof and rather than this being regarded as a hindrance, is seen as an advantage. Grandparents spend a lot of time with their grandchildren taking on the role as primary carers in households where both parents work.

Discipline from parents and relatives can come in the form of smacking, stripping of privileges or giving a stern telling off. This teaches children to respect their elders and to accept their wisdom and values. Children are also expected to do regular household chores and if the parents are self employed, the child regularly visits and helps out at their place of work. This does not mean that the child's life is devoid of freedom and independence; indeed this aspect is stronger than in the UK. Children are given keys to the house when they start school at age seven; they are given responsibility for picking up groceries from the local store and they can play all day with friends with minimum supervision.

As they grow older their privacy is respected and their independence increased; they can go for coffee with friends or out to a bar and they can form relationships with the opposite sex. The fact that they don't abuse this trust occurs because it has been built up gradually over the years.