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A Move Within Bulgaria

Recently my family and I have moved from a quiet village in the north of Bulgaria to the delightful Black sea coast and we’re all thoroughly enjoying it.

The climate in the south is milder; we have been here since February and have had very little rain and enjoyed many days walking along the empty stretches of beaches on glorious warm sunny days.

I am aware that the summer months will be busy, but they will soon pass. It also allows me to pursue my outdoor hobbies which include walking, biking and shopping in the lovely city of Burgas with its beautiful sea park.

During the past few years we have visited several regions of Bulgaria, and for us the coast has been our favourite - this is what encouraged us to move here. The area to us has more to offer and opting to live near a city suits us better than our past four years spent in a village in northern Bulgaria.

Whilst the rural life attracted us when we first decided to move to Bulgaria as you can have space with a big house and plenty of garden, it can be a very difficult and isolated life. Even though I know many expats enjoy this lifestyle, it just wasn’t for us.

We enjoyed the time we spent there, and experienced some great times integrating with new people and discovering their culture, but deep down I guess we knew it wasn’t for us forever.

The winters in particular can be very trying and 2011 was the worst in Bulgaria for over 20 years, it was a total nightmare keeping warm and getting out the door! Snow was everywhere and as fast as it cleared, there was more falling which made getting out and about very difficult. The bad weather lingered for so long and we were becoming concerned about our removal date approaching in mid February. It was touch and go if we were actually going to get to our new apartment on the coast before more snow came. But we did manage it and have been enjoying our new move ever since.