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Bulgaria - An Alternative Destination


The last weekend in May signified the official start of the summer season in Bulgaria. Already the number of visitors has risen by 4.9% compared to the same period as last year according to national statistics.

Bulgaria’s tourist industry now hopes that this figure will continue and that Bulgaria will have a thriving summer season. The prospects look good so far, as many tour operators are continuing to see an increase in early summer bookings from countries such as Russia, U.K, Ireland, Germany and Israel.


With this news I would just like to remind those who are considering booking a holiday to give Bulgaria a try. It is a great place for a holiday, but don’t just think of it as a budget sun and sea destination with cheap booze, food and fakes; the country has so much more to offer.


Explore alternative options – Below is a list where you can find out more from our in depth articles on Quest Bulgaria:

City breaks: Sofia, Varna and Burgas, all with close proximity to the airports, and have modern NEW shopping malls, theaters, museums, luxury hotels and restaurants.

Also for the independent traveler with special interests there are churches, Monasteries, Museums, theatres, art Galleries, and music festivals throughout the summer months performing folk, classical and jazz music.

Outdoor pursuits are as such: Bird watching, Botany, Geology and Zoology, Climbing and caving, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Hunting, Hiking, Motocross, Paragliding, Yachting and water sports.

Of course Bulgaria has a splendid coastline with plenty of eating, drinking and nightlife but you can still find quieter, less commercialized resorts to enjoy. Away from it all there are National parks, Spa retreats and inland rural tourism observing a step back in time.

So don’t just think of Bulgaria as a cheap holiday, look at what else it has to offer those wanting that little more from a summer holiday. And don’t forget skiing and winter sports during the winter!