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The Bulgarian Property Market - Summer Summary

The Bulgarian property market for the first half of 2012 has shown that prices have begun to slow down and level out, and interest from property hunters has so far this year been consistent in the country.

Figures have shown that the highest number of completed sales to date is from Bulgarian and Russian investors. Here we give a summary of what areas of the market are doing the best and how the real estate market is progressing.


-The Black sea coast has seen an increase of 20% in sales on last years figures, and is still a firm favourite with Russian investors, searching for bargain coastal holiday homes.

-Sofia, Bulgaria`s capital city has largely seen completed sales of apartments in the price limit of up to 50 000 euro`s.

-Rural and mountainous properties located on the outskirts of towns and cities continue to attract Russian and Bulgarian buyers with lower budgets. The housing market in inland, rural areas offers exceptional value for property hunters.

And finally interest is back in the ski resorts...

The stagnant property market in the ski resorts of Bulgaria over the past few years is now beginning to attract interest again. Property market specialists in these regions have observed a positive development with buyers from former Soviet Block countries, taking advantage of some of the cheapest prices in Bulgaria at the moment.

Apartment owners forced to sell unwanted property have had to reduce the sale price by 50% and more, in a bid to sell unwanted resale's.

It is unbelievable how cheap property is and what value for money investors are getting with resale apartments available from as little as 16 000 euro`s. See our Bulgarian Bargain Properties Sales for more.