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Bulgaria: Free Advertising for Businesses

Quest Bulgaria has a special section to promote Bulgarian businesses and services free of charge. Throughout these turbulent times for many companies it is important that we do everything we can to assist our colleagues working in the Bulgarian marketplace to continue promoting themselves so that they maintain their market position, and still be in business after this economic crisis.

Quest Bulgaria online property and lifestyle magazine is the leading source of information for those buying property or wishing to live in the country, with some 200 000 page impressions a month and 450 000 hits per month.


We need to make more people aware of the property opportunities and low-cost lifestyle enjoyed in Bulgaria. In that way, the easier it is for companies here to attract new business and new customers. We tend to take a positive approach and not add to the doom and gloom so much broadcast by the media. Assisting local businesses in remaining successful also filters through to produce a positive impact on Bulgaria. We believe this is a great opportunity for everyone with a Bulgarian business to take advantage of the Quest effect to promote them and become the preferred choice in their market sector.

Get your Bulgarian business listed for free

For new comers the business directory is fully searchable and is reached directly from the front and every page of the Quest Bulgaria site. Listings are free for all businesses - and if you want to stand out even more from the crowd you can upgrade to a paid option.

If you find that your market sector is not listed in the directory, just let us know and we'll try and open a new category for you. Don't miss out on reaching potential clients at the most critical stage of the buying cycle, when they are selecting a business and comparing products and services. Get your business listed and noticed now in the Quest Bulgaria business directory.