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Fire Fighters kept Busy from Blazing Temperatures

This summer Bulgaria has endured a long heat wave and with the recent blazing temperatures, the country has suffered from hundreds of forest fires caused by a combination of the long spell of hot dry weather, and careless citizens.

Fire fighters have been busy keeping many of them under control, to avoid them spreading to nearby towns and villages. One of the largest was close to the mountain resort of Bansko, where it was reported to have spread over 100 hectares and took more than 400 fire fighters, and volunteers to gain control of it.

The summer temperatures in Bulgaria have broken previous records, and have been higher than usual for this time of year. The northern Bulgarian city of Ruse has reported the highest temperatures of 44 degrees Celsius in the country. But for the past few months, most of the country has had higher than average temperatures and continuous warnings have been regularly given to the public to take precautions from the heat.

The next few days temperatures are expected to fall to below 30 degrees Celsius and thunderstorms are forecast.