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Bulgaria Ranked in Top 10 countries

A recent international property portal from the move channel has ranked Bulgaria at number 8 in the U.K's top 10 tourist destinations. The other countries that follow are Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Brazil and Croatia. Why is Bulgaria in the top 10 you may ask?

According to reports it is believed that its sudden popularity could be down to the new law that has been enforced in the country; the law which enables foreign buyers to buy property in Bulgaria without needing to register a Bulgarian company beforehand. This, no doubt, has had a positive effect on those interested in investing in Bulgaria's property market.

Since July 2012, Bulgaria recorded a 5% year on year rise in its number of overseas tourists. Several days ago the Economy Minister confirmed that the country was confident that it would receive an influx of visitors this year. Statistics have also affirmed that the number of arrivals of visitors in total that have come from abroad has risen by 4.5% year on year.

If you're interested in visiting Bulgaria, there is no better time that now. With the tourist season coming to a close, Bulgarian Black Sea vacations are at their cheapest as hotels are offering fantastic discounts of up to 30%. Between September 10 and October 10, tourists can have a holiday for half the price of a vacation in the busiest time of the season.