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Grape Harvest - The Best in Years

News reports have confirmed that Bulgaria`s grape harvest this year has been 30% lower and will increase retail prices. The reason for this is due to the cold harsh winter that was followed by the long hot summer.

However, there is positive news from this and that is from the lengthy hot summer, the grapes grown are of an excellent quality. This is the result of the sun bringing out a higher level of sugar, and therefore a better quality grape, which in return will produce much better wine.

The retail prices have increased tremendously, making the average price per kilo 0.90 - 1.50 levs, but the crop will be the best in nine years and wine traders from Italy, Greece and Romania are willing to pay this price and more for the high quality Bulgarian grapes.

Exports of Bulgarian wine has over the past few years increased by 16%, and this years harvest will produce an exceptionally high quality wine, and increase wine exports.

Bulgaria`s domestic consumption of wine has also risen by 13%, as Bulgarian`s are changing their drinking habits and replacing it over the preference of harder spirits.