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Bulgarian News in English - The Choice is Out There

If you want the latest Bulgarian news in English, then the choice is surprisingly encouraging these days thanks to the internet.

For many expats living in foreign lands around the world in countries which have a different language to their own, you can sometimes feel slightly isolated when you don't know what is going on around you.

Bulgaria has no shortage of news media channels which exist in the forms of television, radio, printed media and internet. The various sources of news articles can be national or local regional news and here we look at some of the best websites for reading Bulgarian news in English.

Novinite - Probably the most popular and biggest of news sites in English, Novinite is both a national and international news website owned and operated by Sofia News Agency and it is has a unique advantage over many of  its competitors in that it publishes news in real time. In addition to Novinite, the Sofia News Agency also publishes the Sofia Morning News and the Sofia weekly - Both in English also. The website also has a forum which is a new introduction.

Novinite is the preferred site among British expats in Bulgaria.

The Sofia Globe - Is Bulgaria's newest news website and is South African owned. It offers all the latest news from Bulgaria and around the world. There are sections on food and drink, travel, business and entertainment and more. The Sofia Globe is in our opinion growing into a very successful news portal and it could in the future be a tough competitor for Novinite.

Focus Information Agency - has been in operation since 2000 and is the preferred online source of news information for Bulgarian people. With a staff force numbering over 200, the company also has a large network of 18 radio stations, all of which are independent.

Focus offer news coverage for both local and international and it is updated in real time.

Standart News - publishes mainly national Bulgarian news in English and has further reports on finance, sports and weather.

There are many other similar websites too many to list here, but the ones listed above have been selected by how often they are updated, the relevancy of content for English speakers and the quality of English grammar. The websites are not listed in the order of which is best but merely a choice of what many expats prefer to read in websites containing Bulgarian news in English.





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