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Health Care in Bulgaria

Health care in Bulgaria - when you consider buying property in Bulgaria, it is extremely important to know as much as possible about what is available to you and your loved ones from the health care in Bulgaria.

Here is some information and specifications on what you should expect available to foreigners from the health care in Bulgaria.

Even though some immediate emergency health care procedures may be provided without any payment, foreigners outside of Bulgaria tend to be generally asked to pay for most of medical expenses received while in Bulgaria. This may be inclusive of tests, investigations, medicine and an overnight stay in hospital, whether or not state or private. The outcome changed in late 2007, because Bulgaria's inclusion in the EU, enabling every one of EU travellers to receive free medical services. However, travellers have to supply a passport and also their health care card that is provided by the department of health in the UK before you can get free treatment in Bulgaria.

The health care in Bulgaria has suffered immensely from under financing in recent years. Nevertheless its facilities are moving slowly to catch up with other Western European countries.

But, due to the transition, many expatriates relocating to Bulgaria are strongly advised to obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover the full period they are in the country.

Facilities in most Bulgarian hospitals are adequate and health care care is recognised to provide acceptable treatment. Although be aware specialist equipment is limited and treatment might not always be easy to get to hold of.  For those with medical conditions the lack of hospitals, clinics and health centres in all major towns and cities of Bulgaria could be a major problem. Also bear in mind within the health care in Bulgaria that in hospitals nursing care will most likely be limited, due to its large amount of the staff's understanding of English.

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