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Forest Tourism?

A new national forestry development scheme has been opened up for debate to generate a growth in tourist revenue from the Bulgarian forests similar to the sea and mountain resorts by 2020.

 The plan intends to boost the opportunities for leisure in forest areas by refurbishing huts and construct more facilities such as eco and hiking trails.  

The improvement of conveniences within forests is to draw more tourists and enjoy the nature in Bulgaria. It is expected to be funded by European programs, and there could be combined projects involving municipalities and businesses.

An extra opportunity for raising profits from the growth of forest tourism is the establishment of cultural and historic routes. The proposal is to connect pathways and routes to places of interest close by. Experts put forward the example of the ancient Roman road to the West that passes through the Balkan Mountains and the Central Balkan national park.

The discussion will also cover the prospects for financing the protection and increase of forest areas with funds from Brussels. The scheme also visualizes training for forest owners to help them to submit an application for money from Europe, and make improvements to their property. The plan also wants tax incentives for forest owners who pass the official recognition process for the forested areas.{fcomment}